When you want to watch a video, the last thing you want to have to worry about is whether or not a particular file is in a format you are able to playback without having to download additional codecs. With MPlayerX installed, this is no longer going to be a concerned as this is a media player that will cope with just about any file type you care to throw at it – this covers both audio and video formats.

As well as being able to interact with the app through the usual menus and buttons, you can also take advantage of a plethora of keyboard shortcuts, but there is also multi-touch gesture support which makes it even easier to control media playback. If you’re watching foreign videos, or require subtitles for any other reason, MPlayerX support a variety of subtitle formats and will automatically load them for you.

If you are watching a series of videos from a TV series, the app will be able to determine which video should be played next so you don’t need to manually select it and it is even possible to use the app to stream videos from YouTube. For anyone who makes use of online video on a regular basis, this makes the whole experience far more enjoyable.

The latest version of the app includes support for Mountain Lion as well as Retina Display, and you may experience improved performance thanks to hardware accelerated video decoding. These extras are really the icing on the cake; this was already a seriously impressive app, and a recent decision to break away from the App Store means that automatic updates can be delivered more quickly and easily.

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Everything you could want from a media player in one handy, easy to use app. Top stuff.