MadVR is a powerful, configurable DirectShow video renderer, designed to deliver the best possible video playback quality.

The package's 32-bit processing and high-quality scaling and sharpening algorithms ensure great results, even at high resolutions and frame rates.

This only works with compatible media players. As we write, this is the official list:

· DVB Dream
· DVBViewer
· Emby Theater
· JRiver MediaCenter
· KMPlayer
· Kodi DSPlayer
· PotPlayer
· Zoom Player

Setup takes a little work. You'll need to download madVR and unzip it somewhere safe (you can't delete the folder later); run Install.bat as an administrator; run madHcCtrl.exe to access your settings; and choose madVR as the video renderer in your media player (in MPC-HC, View > Options > Playback > Output > DirectShow Video).

But once that's out of the way, madVR will be used for all playback, and you can start trying out its various processing, scaling and rendering options.

Version 0.92.12  brings (Changelog)

* added option "use reduce compression artifacts only if it comes for free"
* added experimental "diffuse white" HDR option (mainly for projector owners)
* improved non-hue-preserving HDR tone mapping
* removed low quality hue preserving HDR tone mapping
* HDR option "fix too bright & saturated pixels" is now always available
* display peak nits edit control now accepts down to 80 Nits (formerly 120 Nits)
* added 3dlut information to OSD (only if active)
* fixed: RCA wasn't always run as part of NGU, even though it should
* fixed: little OSD scaling info text glitch
* fixed: #228: deintFps was not 24 for 720p60 decimated 6:4 cadence content (forced film)
* fixed: #394: madvr OSD didn't resize properly when screen masking options are used

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A powerful and highly configurable video renderer which delivers very high quality results. But beware, it can take a while to find the best settings for your system.