Whether you're an expert photographer with a top quality camera, or just happy to snap away with your mobile, it doesn't take long to build up a big collection of digital photos. So why keep them to yourself? Install jAlbum and it'll help you build stunning web albums in just a few minutes, then you can share the results with friends and family just by sending them your album URL.

You'll need to create a Jalbum account first, but that only takes a moment, and there's nothing to pay. After that, simply drag and drop your favourite photos onto Jalbum. Choose your favourite skin in the "Skin and style" box, click Make jAlbum > Preview, and a browser window will open to show your album.

If you'd like to try another design, then close the window and select another skin. Otherwise, click Publish, and Jalbum will upload your photos to its web server. Again, it's very easy, no hassles over entering server names, passwords or anything else, you just sit back and watch the progress bar as it reports each file transferred.

Once your photos are online then Jalbum will give you a link that you can pass to friends, so they can also view your work. Web counters will show you which photos get the most attention, and visitors can even leave comments to let you know what they think of their favourite shots.

Note that since JAlbum 14, there's no ad-sponsored free version. It's now provided as a trial.

JAlbum 17 changes (see release notes for more):

Completely rewritten review mode featuring thumbnail navigation, image zooming and multiple image comparison (1-6 images)
Way faster and better behaving zoom control installed in both Edit and Review mode
Better integration with Review mode and Explorer and Edit mode (hit Space to review selected image(s))
Reads EXIF metadata from video files as well (MP4 and MOV)
Supports camera date/creation date for mp4 and mov videos too
Has new "Disable color subsampling" option under Settings-Images-Advanced. Will produce even better looking JPEGs when checked. Currently only applies to images with compression quality >= 90. Disabling chroma/color subsampling increases file size about 17% but doubles the horizontal and vertical color resolution of images. See this article
Explore mode adjusted for lower CPU usage = better performance
Now runs on Open Java 11 on all platforms. Earlier, the Mac version was using Oracle's Java 8 and Windows version using Java 9. With Java 11, Oracle's Java is under a commercial license. We therefore moved to the open source "Open JDK 11", which should be working as well by now.
Remembers width of folder property panel if "Remember last window position and size" is checked under Preferences
All versions has reduced footprint due to removal of unneeded Java code
Default video resolution for generated videos bumped from 480p to 720p
Now capable of correctly importing incorrectly written Windows comments and titles
Rewritten Mac file chooser integration (runs on Java 9+)
Embedded browser now accepts all certificates (avoids certificate related errors)
Moved "Clear project list" to top and added confirmation dialog
Updated bundled Tiger, Zigzag and Minimal skins

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Fast, easy to use, packed with features and entirely free, this has to be one of the best web thumbnail gallery generators around