Your camera is only as good as the software processing and, let's face it, most cameras are limited by their ability to process your photos to a professional level. Indeed, most photographers would advise you to turn off all camera-based processing and export RAW, then simply load your photos into your favourite editor and spend time manually tweaking each shot.

InPixio Photo Editor is one of the more powerful post-processing editing tools. Simply load a photo (and it doesn't matter whether this has been previously processed or left RAW) and Photo Editor will examine and offer a range of automatic enhancing filters. Better still, you are offered small previews of every single automatic filter, so you can quickly see how your photo will look with, say, the 'Winter' filter applied. If you split your main window (see the split-view button at the top of the user-interface), you can compare the original next to the altered image.

We believe you'll want to try the manual adjustments and there's plenty of options from altering the temperature of the image to the clarity. You can also add a texture overlay, a frame and much more. Before exporting, you can add a text overlay, too. Simply drag a text style and then choose your own font, style border, alignment and much more.

Once you've finished editing your photo, you can simply export back to your hard drive. Alternatively, there are social media sharing options built in to Photo Editor or you can send by email.

If you need to process a number of photos, the Batch Processing tool enables you to select a number of photo and apply the same settings and adjustments to each on and they will be saved with those settings automatically.

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Powerful image processing tool which enables you to auto-adjust or manually edit your photos.