Image to PDF Creator Free is a tool for converting the digital images you specify into a PDF document, making them much easier to distribute to others.

The creation process starts by clicking the "Add" button and choosing the pictures you need (support for more than 30 formats means you're unlikely to have any import problems).

If the image order matters then you can rearrange your pictures in a few clicks.

A Settings dialog allows you to define your PDF size and tags (Title, Subject, Author and so on).

And when you're happy, clicking Convert will have the final PDF file created in seconds.

There's nothing complicated here. No slideshow effects, no transitions or soundtrack. You can't include a title page (unless you create one as an image and add it manually, anyway), or add captions to your pictures.

The program does do exactly what its name suggests, though, quickly and without hassle, and that's good enough for us.

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Image to PDF Creator Free provides a quick and easy way to build a PDF from your choice of images