IceCream Slideshow Maker provides an easy way to create professional slideshows or presentations.

Your first production can be ready in seconds. Drag and drop your source images onto the program, click the big "Create" button, and that's it: the slideshow is rendered as an MKV video (no other export formats are available, unfortunately). Slideshow Maker can even upload it to YouTube for you.

If you're not happy with the default settings then you can adjust the time each slide is displayed, try any of the 27 transitions (slides, wipes, zooms, fades and so on), set a new video resolution or add a soundtrack.

There are some settings, too, the most important being "Watermark". This is set by default, which means your first video will have an "IceCream Apps" watermark added, but it's easily removed: just click Settings and clear the "Watermark" box.

One feature we particularly liked was "History", which keeps the details of every slideshow you create. If you find a slideshow has some problem, there's no need to start again: just select it on the History page, click "Resume Project", and all your slides, transitions, delays and other settings are restored, ready for further editing.

Version 3.49 (changelog):

- Audio fade in the end of video fixed

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It really needs to support more than just MKV videos, but IceCream Slideshow Maker is very easy to use and supports a wide range of transitions.