Many computer are now fitted with web cams, and it is easy to add one if you don’t already have one. As well as being used for web chats, a webcam can also be used as a security device. By installing iCam on your iPhone or iPad, your can connect to your web cam over the internet so you can monitor your home wherever you may be.

In order to make use of the remote monitoring option, you will need to install iCamSource server software on your Mac or PC so the output from your web cam can be broadcast. The software can be used in conjunction with a standard USB or FireWire web cam, but it can be used with a network or wifi camera.

Your web cam connection is password protected, so there is little danger of unauthorised access. All of the hard work is done for you, so there is no need to worry about configuring your firewall or working out IP addresses, and the software can be used to connect to your web not only over a standard wireless connection, but also via 3G or EDGE.

While iCam is useful as a security tool as it enables you to watch your home when you are on the move, the app can also be used to record video from your camera and even receive push notifications when motion is detected.

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iCam is a cheap and effective way to monitor your home, pets or whatever else takes you fancy wherever you are.