Hyperdesktop is a tiny tool that provides an extremely easy way to take screenshots and share them with others.

As a screengrab tool it's a little on the basic side. There are only two capture types (full screen or a freehand rectangle, for instance), for instance, and no editor, so if you'd like to add text or other annotations then you'll have to do so elsewhere.

What the program will do, though, is immediately upload your grab to the imgur.com image sharing site. There's no registration required, and you don't even have to part with your email address: it all just works.

Once the image has been uploaded you'll see a link that you can use to share it with others, and this will also be copied to the clipboard - just pass it on to your choice of recipients and they'll be able to view your image right away.

Need to share more? Hyperdesktop isn't restricted to uploading screengrabs. You can also choose an entire folder full of images if you like (imgur doesn't restrict the number of images you can upload), drag and drop them onto the program, and it'll upload them, one by one, providing a link for each. Select all the links, right-click one and choose "Copy selected links" and again they'll be copied to the clipboard, ready to share with your chosen audience.

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A very easy and convenient way to share images with others