Free Red-Eye Reduction Tool is a simple tool for correcting the red-eye effect in digital photos.

The program is very, very easy to use. There's no sampling, no painting, no manual tweaking at all: just place your mouse cursor over the centre of the red pupil, and drag. An ellipse expands, with a dark area at its centre. Keep dragging to adjust its shape and size, release the left mouse button once you've covered the red area, and repeat the process for the other eye.

There are some minor tweaks available if you need them - pupil size and darkness are both adjustable - but we got good results with the default settings.

The program also has a few basic image editing tools, including rotates, flips, and adjustments for exposure, contrast and saturation.

Once you've finished, the corrected image can be saved, though only as a JPEG. There's no lossless option, not even the ability to copy the image to the clipboard for processing elsewhere.

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Free Red-Eye Reduction Tool doesn't do much, but it's easy to use and effective enough. If your current photo editor has no red-eye tool then it might be handy.