There are a huge number of video formats to choose from and while the likes of AVI and MPEG tend to be the most popular, you may well encounter files in other formats that you are unable to play. Free AVI Video Converter is a free conversion tool that can be used to re-encode video from one format to another – this is useful if you have a video in an unusual format that you would like to convert to make it easier to share, or you need to convert an AVI to a more exotic format for a project.

The simple wizard-based tool guides you through the conversion process. You can opt to convert multiple file at once, or stick to converting them one at a time. There are a huge number of video formats to choose from including AVI, MPEG, DiVX, MKV and many more, and there are various encoding options available for each format.

As is becoming increasingly common with free software, Free AVI Video Converter also attempts to install a browser toolbar as well as changing your browser home page and search engine. You are given the opportunity to opt out of each of these annoyances, but it is something that you need to keep a look out for during the installation process. Sadly, choosing not to install the toolbar causes a warning about slower conversion rates to be displayed, so users may feel bullied into installing it.

Even once this irritating stage of the installation is complete, there are more bloatware to avoid – again, you will need to stay aware during the entire setup process so you can untick the relevant boxes to opt out of anything you are not happy with. These minor annoyances aside, this is a handy tool to have installed as you never know when you will need to switch videos between formats. Conversion is fast and painless, enabling you to encode videos for different purposes such as on a web site or on mobile devices.

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This is a great tool, but there are just too many unwanted extras - avoid these and you have a capable piece of sofware