As the name gives away, Free Audio Editor 2014 is a free program that can be used to work with sound in a variety of ways. The application can be used as a recording tool to take sound from any input device - from a microphone to a musical instrument - and store it in digital format on your hard drive. With support for a wide range of formats including MP3, OGG, WAV and WMA, working with a free tool does not necessarily mean having to make compromises.

Whether you are working with existing audio files, or tracks you have recorded yourself, Free Audio Editor can then be used to cut and adjust sound, applying filters and effects as well as taking advantage of advanced options such as noise removal - all from the comfort of an instantly accessible user interface.

To help save time and effort, sound effects can be previewed before they are applied to larger sections of track, and once you are happy with the results you come up with you are free to burn tracks to CD from within the program. There are numerous other options available in Free Audio Editor including the ability to extract the sound track from videos including videos that are hosted on YouTube.

During the installation it is important to take notice of the options that are provided as it is all too easy to install potentially irritating - although arguably useful - browser toolbars. Some features of the program, such as text to speech, could be regarded as a little gimmicky, but considering that the program is completely free, it is very impressive indeed.

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An astonishingly good audio editor that packs a punch equal to that of expensive sound software.