FotoSketcher for Android is an extremely early version of the popular PC "image to artwork" converter.

We really do mean "extremely early". It's only available as a stand-alone APK file. There's only a single painting effect you can use. And even at this basic level, there are still odd issues.

If you're happy to try anyway, import the APK, or use something like Nox App Player to test it safely in a virtual Android device on your Windows desktop.

Launch the app and select an image from your Pictures gallery, or take a photo.

Tap the Menu icon top right, tap Draw to use the default settings and watch as the image is converted.

If the results don't work for you, revert to the original images, play around with the settings (increase complexity and iterations for more detail, reduce them for less) and try again.

When you're happy, tap Save and the image is saved to a "Photos enregistrees" folder.

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FotoSketcher is a great tool and we're excited to see it on the way to Android, but this is very much a work in progress, for advanced users and fans of the program only. If you just want to create gorgeous artwork, grab the PC version instead.