Foto2AVI is a simple tool which can quickly convert your chosen photos into an attractive video slideshow.

The process starts by choosing your required images, which is probably the weakest part of Foto2AVI. The browser doesn't show you thumbnails of your photos, making it more difficult to find the ones you need. In theory you should be able to drag and drop in photos from elsewhere, if you check a box, but this didn't work for us.

Once you've chosen your photos, though, the situation improves considerably. Thumbnails do appear for each image, and they have a transition already assigned. If you're not happy with that, though, you can tweak the slide in many ways, with options to add a logo or subtitles, choose a new transition or slide duration, add a host of video effects, and more.

You're also able to add your own soundtrack. A Preview window keeps you in touch with how your masterpiece is progressing. And when you're happy, the program can output the finished results in AVI, MP4, MPEG, FLV and other formats, with you having considerable control over video frame rate, resolution, bit rate and more.

What's new in ver. 4.4 :
    Fixed : Logo effect
    Updated : Gui inteface
    Updated : bug fixed version
    Updated : AddGrainC

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Occasional technical troubles mean Foto2AVI isn't as reliable as we'd like, but most users will find Foto2AVI a straightforward way to produce a quality video slideshow from their favourite digital images