When you need to quickly pause the music or video you’re playing, it can often be difficult to find the pause button fast enough. If you have a remote control or a multimedia keyboard, things may be a little easier, but wouldn’t it be great if you could simply wave your hand in front of your computer to control media playback. Well, this is exactly what Flutter enables you to do.

Available for both Windows 7 and OS X, this simple free app works in conjunction with you web cam and provides very basic controls in a number of popular media programs. The utility can be used with Spotify, Windows Media Player, VLC, iTunes and QuickTime, and when you want to pause or resume, all you need to do is to hold your hand up in front of your web cam.

There is no complicated setup procedure to run through, everything just works. There is a brief tutorial that will enable you to check that everything is working and run you through a couple of text, but that’s really all there is to it. The great thing is that you can have your music playing in the background while you work and web cam controls will work no matter what application currently has focus.

Should you need to use your web cam for anything else, you can temporarily disable Flutter by double clicking the system tray icon, and re-enabling it is a simple matter of repeating this action. Future versions of the app will expand not only the number of media programs that are supported, but will also add more gestures. When this happens, Flutter is going to become a must-have app.

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One to watch; this is a basic app that, while useful, needs time to develop further.