Ezvid is a capable tool which makes it easy to create videos or slideshows and share them on YouTube.

You might start by dragging and dropping in a few photos. These can be further dragged to arrange them into your required sequence, and you might add a few text blocks as well (though these appear separate to the images, not as captions over them). Select backing music from one of the tunes available, set your movie title, keywords and category, and you can upload it in a click or two.

The program can also import videos in all the main formats, although these will need to be ready to use: there are no significant video editing tools here.

Still, you can use the program's screen capture tool to create a hi-res video of activity on your desktop. And a speech synthesis option enables the program to generate digital speech of whatever you type on your text slide, perhaps convenient if you'd like to create a software tutorial.

But, Ezvid is quite restrictive and limited in what it does. You can't even choose your own music as a soundtrack, or to have no music at all (presumably because the Ezvid authors are paid for your use of their music). And you can't export videos as a file: they have to be uploaded to YouTube.

Please note, the Ezvid setup program will try to install a browser toolbar. Don't let this put you off - it's more obvious than in many programs, and they make it very clear how you can avoid this - but just make sure you monitor the setup process carefully.

And in addition, once you've installed this stub it will download the rest of the Ezvid program. This is a fairly bulky 93.6MB, as we write, so you'll probably want to be sure you're connected to a faster internet connection before you begin.

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As video creators go, Ezvid is limited in the extreme. The way you're forced to use one of the bundled tunes as a soundtrack is particularly annoying. It is easy to use, though, and if that's your top priority then the program may be good enough.