EasyFLV Web Video Encoder is an easy-to-use conversion tool with a focus on creating videos for the web (FLV, WEBM or MP4).

The program doesn't have the functionality you'll find in some video conversion programs, but there are still a few time-saving touches here. You don't just have to specify a single output format, for instance. Check the FLV, MP4 and WEBM boxes and it will create all three file types in a single operation.

Elsewhere, Web Video Encoder's conversion options are kept to the bare essentials: resolution, video bitrate and frame rate, audio bitrate and simple rate.

But there are also some useful extras. So the program can customise your output video with a text or image watermark, for instance. There's an option to grab a still image from the video at whatever point you like, handy if you need something to illustrate the content. And you're able to save any combination of settings as a "profile", reloading them later as required, making it very easy to convert videos in a standard and consistent way.

There's even what the authors call a "built-in Mp4 moov atom fixer". What's that? They explain: "Some Mp4 files... have their moov atom placed at the end of the file which prevents them from streaming online. Our encoder has a small built-in utility that will fix these Mp4 files and will make them web streamable".

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There are far more powerful converters around, but EasyFLV Web Video Encoder is much easier to use, still has several time-saving touches, and if you're creating videos for the web then it just might be good enough