The vast majority of printers are capable of handling A4 paper, and while there are models available that can handle larger paper, they tend to be incredibly expensive. But if you want to print out a large poster, there is no need to head out to the local print shop, Easy Poster Print may just be able to help.

The program can be used to split a large image into a number of different sections, each of which can be printed out onto A4 paper. Once all of the sections have been printed, you can simply piece together the individual pieces to produce one large image.

Using the program could hardly be simpler; just drag and drop the image or file you would like to work with onto the program and you’re ready to get started. You can then specify how large you would like your print out to be, and the hard work of calculating which sections should be printed on different pages will be worked out for you.

The poster you create can be saved ready to be printed out again without the need for re-configuring the program. Using Easy Poster Print, you can quickly produce poster of up to 20m x 20m in size, making this an incredibly versatile tool and a great way to save money.

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