Do regular media players just never have quite the power you need? Then you just might be interested in PowerDVD 13 Pro, the latest edition of CyberLink's popular media player, which comes for support for playing all the media formats you've ever heard of (and probably quite a few you haven't).

The program can handle all the audio, video and digital image file types which matter, for instance: all the main standards, mobile formats such as 3GP and its variants, HD formats, Flash video (FLV), lossless audio (now including APE), many RAW format images, and a whole lot more.

Of course it can also play DVDs, Blu-ray and AVCHD discs. Whatever your video type, full 7.1 audio support ensures your movies will always sound great.

Elsewhere. strong internet and networking support allows you to find and play YouTube videos, Facebook and Flickr content. You can upload content, too, and stream media from home network devices (DLNA DMS).

What else is new this time? The headlines talk about watching movies "at quality beyond HD", which essentially means the program now includes TrueTheater HD for Full HD video, automatically sharpening your picture, optimising colours and lighting for the best possible results.

A new focus on performance sees "instant start" for regular photo viewing, music and video playback.

The interface has been revamped. Cinema mode is now available for file playback; automatic scaling delivers much better results on high DPI displays; you can instantly hide your controls in full screen mode; there's a mini music player for easier audio playback; and if you don't like something, new customisation options help you tweak the interface, hotkey and mouse controls to suit your needs.

And there's plenty more, from the very obvious (a new Movie Library to help keep your collection organised) to more technical, but still welcome additions (TV refresh rate now auto-syncs to the DVD frame rate for the best possible movie quality).

Please note, PowerDVD 13 comes in three editions.

PowerDVD Pro is the mid-range build, covering everything we've listed here.

PowerDVD Ultra, the most powerful version, adds 3D support (pictures, movies, YouTube and Blu-ray), the PowerDVD Mobile app, smart syncing with Android devices (including automatically converting videos before sync), and much improved DLNA support.

And the base edition, PowerDVD Deluxe, is essentially the Pro build without Blu-ray or AVCHD playback.

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CyberLink PowerDVD 13 Pro is a very capable media player, able to play just about any content, wherever it's located. If you don't need 3D playback then it's probably the best of the PowerDVD editions.