CPix is an unusual image viewer with strong support for multiple picture formats.

The interface is basic, with no chunky toolbar, ribbon or thumbnail browser. Instead you drag and drop one or more images or folders, then navigate through them using regular keyboard commands.

As well as the usual JPG, BMP, PNG and similar formats, CPix supports multi-picture file types such as MPO, TIFFs and animated GIFs.

Playback options include rotates, flips, animation playback speed control and some simple effects: Negative, Auto Brightness/ Contrast, Warm Colour, Cold Colour, Grayscale and more.

Format conversion tools include options to save all the frames of a multi-picture image, or construct a new multi-frame TIFF from other images. (CPix can't create animated GIFs, unfortunately, we'd guess due to the major hassle of finding an optimal 256 colour palette.)

CPix also supports some oddball file formats of its own. EJPG is an encrypted version of JPEG; DualPhoto files contain two JPEGs, one encrypted, one not; PL is used to store multiple JPEG photos in one file; EPL is an encrypted version of PL. These are all creations of the developer and not used anywhere else.

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The CPix interface isn't always intuitive, but the program's support for multi-picture formats is a plus, and the custom encrypted file types might be handy if you're looking to hide images.