It can be difficult to keep manage an ever growing digital music collection, and the chances are that your hard drive is packed with a variety of MP3 , WMA, OGG and other music files. This might includes some that you have bought, some which have been downloaded and others that have been converted from cassette or vinyl. CATraxx makes it easy to keep your collection completely catalogued to make it simple to browse through the music you own.

An automatic scan will detect all of your music files, while the option to download track or album information from the online CDDB database means that there is no need to manually type in details - it can all be done for you. The problem with very large music collections is that it can quickly become difficult to find what you are looking for. CATraxx boasts a huge number of sortable fields - such as track and album name, genre, artist and record label - that can be used to group together related music. There is also the option of using more than 70 custom data fields if you would like to be able to sort and search using other criteria.

Music can be rated and notes can be added to individual tracks or album for future reference and the option to attached HTML link to data stored in the database means that it is possible to save a link to a band's web site. A built in audio player means that as well as cataloguing and displaying your music, CATraxx can also be used to listen to audio files. Extra features such as exporting a list of music to the notes section of your iPod and the ability to keep a record of any CDs you have lent out to friends means that CATraxx is far more feature packed than other similar programs, offering one of the most comprehensive means of managing your music.

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CATraxx enables you to manage you music in a way that suits you, and is both easy to use and bursting with extra features.