Taking a photograph with an iPhone can be surprisingly tricky. The fact that pressing the shutter is achieved by tapping the screen rather than pressing a button means that there is far greater scope for camera shake and therefore a blurry and unsatisfactory photo. Camera Mic helps you to avoid this problem with a quite ingenious solution.

Apple is very strict in the way it prevents any app developer from remapping or changing the function of hardware buttons - but the same limitations are not placed on the microphone. Camera Mic enables you to take photos by tapping the microphone that is built in to your iPhone earphones - as this is not part of the iPhone itself, camera shake is all but eliminated.

The app can be customized by adjusting the sensitivity of the microphone making it possible to use the app in both noisy and quiet environment. A great use for Camera Mic is for taking self-portraits. It can be very difficult to hold the camera so that you are in shot, while remaining able to tap the relevant spot on screen. Using the earphone mic means that the shutter button is always to hand and you are free to move the camera further away for a greater variety of shots.

It is even possible to use a Bluetooth headset in conjunction with the app, and this makes it possible to create a remote control that can be used to capture group photographs or other time sensitive photos. Photos can be shared from within the app via Facebook and Twitter, but the clever use of the microphone is certainly the standout feature.

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Simple and ingenious, this handy little app could revolutionize the way you use your iPhone's camera.