BZR Player is a compact and portable music player which supports over 480 formats, from the standard general purpose types (MP3, WMA, FLAC, OGG and more) to a host of game and hardware-specific formats: "Baldur's Gate - Dark Alliance", "Bio Hazard 2", "Conflict - Desert Storm 1 & 2", EA formats, Nintendo GBS, NSF and NSFE files, and the list goes on.

You won't use most of these often, of course, if ever, but fortunately the program has plenty of other conveniences. You can drag and drop folders onto BZR Player, for instance, or have it open and play the contents of archives (rar, zip, 7-zip, lha, atr, gzip and bzip2). There's support for playing HTTP streams, the program can load M3U, PLS and NEZPlug M3U playlists, and you can even add songs from the command line.

There are also some useful playback tools and options. You can normalise tracks, add a reverb effect, alter the pitch of a song, enable some audio visualisers, and more.

More unusual features include a Pattern View, which displays the notes being played (though only for a small number of relatively uncommon formats, unfortunately). And advanced users may even be able to automate the program by sending commands to port 9859.

If this is beginning to sound a little complicated, though, don't worry, it doesn't have to be that way. There's no installation here, no adware to worry about - just unzip the download, launch BZRPlayer.exe, drag and drop a file or folder onto the program and it'll start playing immediately.

Version 1.04 brings (Full Version History):

  • Option to add filename extensions to ignore when adding files
  • Filter settings can be made for UADE
  • Find window's visibility is now saved in settings

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An excellent audio player with very wide audio format support and lots of advanced features, but is still easy to use