Batch Video to Image Extractor is a free tool which extracts image frames from one or more videos.

Importing your source videos is as easy as a drag and drop. The developers don't say which formats are supported, but from our tests it seems the program can handle everything that matters. Any videos are then listed in a table with their frame and file size, duration and codec.

There are several ways to define your frame frequency. Batch Video to Image Extractor can extract every nth frame, a frame every x seconds, a defined total number of frames, even every frame if that's what you need.

By default these frames are saved at the source resolution, but this can be customised as required. You're able to display these in a grid, too, so rather than have 24 frames saved as separate files, the program could display them all in two 4x3 images (the row x column resolution can also be whatever you like).

Choose your output format (JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF and others are supported), click Extract, and that's it: Batch Video to Image Extractor parses your video and saves the results.

The interface is, well, basic. We'd like to be able to play videos from the list by double-clicking them, remove them by pressing Del, maybe access the standard Explorer properties dialog from a right-click menu, but you can't do any of that here.

Output folder handling is annoying, too. You can't specify it on the main interface; instead, you're asked to choose an output folder after clicking "Extract". The program doesn't remember what you chose last time, either, so you may have to browse to the same location, each and every time.

You'd expect these kind of problems - and worse - with version 0.1.7 of anything, of course. The reality is that Batch Video to Image Extractor performs its core actions very well, and hopefully the relatively trivial interface issues will be cleared up very soon.

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It's a very early build and there are some interface issues, but Batch Video to Image Extractor already does a good job of importing your movies and extracting frames in whatever frequency you need.