The development of AirPlay technology has made it possible to stream media files from one device to another. While desktop computers and laptop have virtually unlimited storage space at their disposal, portable devices such as the iPhone and iPad are more restricted, so the streaming option is a great way to access content on the go.

AirView is a free app that enables you to take advantage of this steaming technology so you can steam videos from one iOS device to another. It is also possible to stream content from a PC or Mac running iTunes, meaning that you can view videos of almost any length without having to worry about file size.

The idea is a simple one, and the only real requirement is that all of the devices involved need to be on the same wireless network - so this unfortunately means that the app cannot be used to access your media files while out of the house.

There are a few issues with occasional sound problems and the fact that DRM content can only be streamed to Apple TV rather than any AirPlay device, but it is still early days for AirView. The app shows signs of promise and while it is worth taking a look at right now, there are undoubtedly better things to come in the future.

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A handy, if slightly flawed and underdeveloped, way to stream content to your iOS device.