The limit for contactless payments is due to increase to £30 in September this year, according the UK Cards Association. Year on year spending, through contactless payments, rose by 255% from £653.4m in 2013.

Barclay’s launched a community banking initiative to help customers in rural communities that are under-served by bricks and mortar branches. The new scheme allows staff equipped with iPads to offer a broader range of services to customers, that are typically only available at branches through Wi-Fi or 3G connections. This includes money transfers, changes to personal details and account openings.

Image credit: Barclays
Image credit: Barclays

There has been a worldwide 40% rise in the number of government requests for information on users on Twitter. In the second half of 2014, Twitter received 2,871 requests different governments asking it to reveal data of about 7,144 users.

Following our research last year about how long customers will wait for shop staff to come back from the stock room, further research has highlighted that we will wait only 5 seconds before we switch to an alternative brand if a website or service doesn’t work.

This week we also learned that attacks on mobile devices and point of sale systems are likely to increase this year. The research from Verisign iDefense Security Intelligence Services highlights the need for companies to increase their security systems for mobile devices in line with the rise in consumers merging their professional and personal lives through their smart phones.