I decided this week that I want an iPod Touch. Actually, if the truth be known, I decided that I *need* one.

But my goodness, what a faff it is to try and get one. I've been in several reputable shops (including an Apple Store) to be told that although they've been out for a number of days now, they're still on order and have yet to arrive. And before you shout: "Buy it online", I want to actually see the thing (it's a new design, and looks different from the old one) before I shell out my readies.

It can't be the case, can it, that Apple underestimated demand for their new toys? I doubt it, because in the case of the Apple Store I went into, I was told that they're simply waiting on their basic stock to come in - that is, they've not yet had any at all (so it's not as if they came in and were snapped up immediately). Perhaps, then, Apple's marketing people have decided to try to build the "excitement" by making people wait.

Whatever the case, I'm not excited: I'm just irritated. Apple, will you please learn to provide stock to your retailers so that when you tell the world about the new toy, they can actually fairly easily go out and buy one?