A colleague of mine was sent a bottle of nice fizz by a supplier. Since my colleague is closely involved in the purchasing process, she was told that she couldn't accept it. Frankly this is utter crap because quite frankly a 20-quid bottle of vino is hardly going to persuade my colleague out of her habitual desire to get the best possible price from a company with which we spend mega-money each year.

Anyhow, it was decided that we'd run a raffle and that her bottle of fizz would be one of the prizes. So we did, and the bottle of fizz was duly won by another colleague.

Who's just given up drinking.

And who's the best mate of my colleague.

And who thus gave her the bottle of fizz.

Note to companies with policies about accepting gifts: if it's a new Merc, you're probably being fair by insisting we say "no". If it's a bottle of pop that really doesn't make a difference in the big picture, then get real.

Isn't it great when justice is done, though?