What do four techies do when faced with a long flight and then a long transfer from the airport to the office? They start playing silly games, giggling and acting like schoolchildren, that's what.

In the most recent example, the principle was straightforward. It was suggested that in any pop song containing the word "love", the title would be much better if the word "love" were replaced with the word "lunch".

We can all visualise, can't we, the KLF asking hungrily "What time is lunch?". As for Aerosmith, they can't even wait to get to the canteen, so on the way they have Lunch in an Elevator. If you're only feeling slightly peckish, you could opt for Baby Lunch. And does Tina Charles love to lunch, or does she lunch to lunch?

Strange creatures, techies. It's the little things that amuse us ... or some of us, anyhow.