Today is Sysadmin Apprecation Day - something to be greeted with fanfares up and down the land?

Yes, this is the day when hard-pressed administrators are appreciated by their users. No more frantic phone calls saying the Internet's broken or where's the 'Any' key. No more scrambling on the floor looking to check which cable goes where. No more mass patching after some clever clogs in account downloaded a virus while loading a CD he bought from someone in a pub. Today's a day for relaxing in your chair, while a grateful workforce supplies cake, chocolate, pizza and beer before your massage by a statuesque blonde (or muscle-bound gym instructor according to taste) and a trip down the pub where your friendly MD has put his card behind the bar.

What? You mean that you didn't get any of his? No card. no treats, no massage and certainly no beer?  Don't try to say that Sysadmin Day is some sort of cynical ploy...

All joking aside, while the idea of Sysadmin Day might be a little far-fetched. In this age when even teachers get end-of-term gifts (in my day, six weeks free from a gang of horrible little bleeders would have been reward enough),  it would be nice to think that someone, somewhere is thinking of the people running their networks - even if it were only one day free of "I've forgotten my password" calls.