Often my IT general practise surgery is full up. Increasingly the waiting room is full of corporates suffering from a pain point. What is a pain point and is self-treatment possible?

A pain point can be felt anywhere in the corporate body: manufacturing; HR; finance; admin; sales; support; even in the CEO's office. It often lurks unseen and un-diagnosed because staff assume that's the way things are, there's nothing to be done. The realisation generally comes to the IT director who begins to understand that he has a choking feeling in his network or a slow response from his servers.

Equally it can come from a kindly and disinterested marketing manager in a nearby supplier who points out, as a friendly neighbour would, that, "Your CRM system is not doing so well, is it?"

These kindly and objective marketing people, and their helpers, the equally kindly and objective 'sales reps', often have a remedy to hand as well. They are selfless people.

Unfortunately their remedy is much like the old and primitive technique of blood-letting. It is to spend money. The best way, they say, to ease a corporate pain point is to release pressure in your budget by letting out some cash.

So disinterested are these marketeers and sales reps that they will even help you go through the necessary procedures and hold out a bowl for the cash to drip into.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, of course. We all know that. It's best to politely resist the concerned and kindly overtures from your company's actual and potential suppliers and undergo a proper diagnosis.

Only someone with the right training and experience, gained in long years of study and practise, is skilled enough to investigate the deep, root causes of a corporate pain point and prescribe the remedy. Naturally it will cost some money but do please remember that you only get in this business life what you pay for.

The possible causes are many, the consequences of the wrong treatment dire, so come to a properly qualified company doctor.

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