The news that the  CMIS is nearing ratification is great news for enterprises faced with the problem of implementing content from a multitude of diverse sources.

What is particularly impressive about the proposed CMIS standard, is the speed with which it has been processed.  Development work on the standard started just over a year ago and the talk is that it will be ratified by early next year - that's speedy work by any standard (if you see what I mean).

I suspect that this is a combination of several factors. One is that users expect open standards these days and most modern enterprises will just not tolerate the lengthy processes that standards bodies used to take. The second factor is that there was a lot of support for this one: it's not often that you get the likes of Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and IBM speaking as one voice, particularly when several open source companies are also on the same wavelength.

But mostly, I believe the acceleration of the process is simply the need for such a standard. Most modern companies have to support such a wide variety of data sources, a standard like CMIS is certain to attract wide support.

I don't expect that there will be a mass of companies itching to adopt CMIS as soon as it's been ratified -  these things will take time - but what an important step in the right direction.