The dawn arrives late and the evening pretty early this time of year in Keflavík. Good thing our building shells are completed and the focus of our work is channeled into the final connections of our new modular datacentre. At the jobsite, we embrace the blend of Icelandic and English as Verne Global's and Colt's installation and testing teams work in collaboration on the end goal of tying the burgeoning worldwide server demand to Iceland's dual source 100% renewable power grid. And while we will be finished with our intense testing programme in a few short weeks, thanks in large part to the pre-engineered, factory-built approach that Colt brings to the table, this is no sprint. Verne Global is in for a long run, a marathon if you like. And training is in full effect as we staff our operations team, connect into Iceland's multi-terabit cable systems, and begin outfitting our customers. Much like Verne Global itself, I'm training for a long race, a marathon in fact. And in the nightly gaps between testing, I don reflective attire and a trusty head lamp and venture out into the Icelandic weather to build my kilometer base ahead of my April test in Boston. Early morning and late evening alike, I'm running up hills and down, into the wind and with it, through wet, dry and cold. The experience drives me forward. Experience is an important matter as we work our way through training and into the long road ahead. While I'm a bit of a neophyte in the running frontier with just two marathons under my belt, Verne Global's executive team and operations team leaders have unified experience in both the markets served by Verne Global's location in the mid-Atlantic. We are green in power, but far from green in data centre savvy. I look forward to sharing with the data centre world, an Icelandic velkomin that is efficient, green, and a familiar product experience presented with a customer service approach that will greet even the most seasoned data centre veteran with a pleasant surprise. So while you are in Iceland checking into Hotel Keflavík for a visit to Verne Global's data centre campus and you see a head lamp cruising by, give me a wave. We're just training for the long road ahead and putting all the pieces in place for a datacentre market exchange that is built upon the simple concept of dependable, green-enabled power without a premium.