In our recent Opsview Customer Survey we asked for feedback on specific features we were considering for the product roadmap. This had a direct influence on our plans as I’m hoping to illustrate in this article. Opsview Customer Survey Results

The features below scored highest so I’ll describe how we’re planning to address them…

Reports Module: More out of the box reports

We delivered three new reports for this module during the Opsview Enterprise 3.10 release and we plan to introduce a similar number for Opsview Enterprise 3.12. We also upgraded the underlying Jasper framework and we are making improvements to documentation and management tools.

Auto discovery / auto inventory

We have started work on the Opsview Auto Discovery Module and we plan to release this during the first half of 2011. This is expected to include a discovery component and a set of browser based management tools to manipulate discovered hosts.

Feature-rich, configurable dashboard

This has been on the roadmap for a while. We have now completed our research into suitable technologies and are currently working on a proof of concept.

Graphing: CSV, export

We added the ability to export graphing data in CSV format in Opsview Enterprise 3.10.

Improved Documentation

We had four interns working with us over the summer period and part of their assignment was to help us improve our online documentation. We also improved the design and layout of the documentation site and implemented a style guide during the same period. Documentation is under constant update and improvement as part of the release cycle.

Easier Installation

Time was also spent over the summer period improving packaging and documentation in order to make it even easier to install Opsview.

Log monitoring and event correlation

Improved log monitoring and event correlation capabilities on the roadmap for next year. I’ll post an update when we start work on these features.

Prize Draw

All the customers who participated in our Enterprise Survey prize entered a prize draw to win the latest iPod Touch. The winner was Mark Maas, Unix Engineer at Binck Bank in the Netherlands.