You could probably power a small town with the amount of hot air and debate that will be generated over the launch of VMForce.

We're two weeks away from the launch and already there are plenty of opinions as to what the tie-up between Salesforce and VMware is going to bring.  It's not too difficult to imagine that most of the speculation revolves around

The two companies have made such a brief announcement but so much energy has been spent speculating on what the two companies are going to be offering. It's been a bit like the mediaeval metaphysicians debating on the sex of angels - with the difference being that we don't have to wait for the afterlife to ascertain the the truth of the theories.

However, one big clue was discovered by Dave McCrory when he saw a Google cache with "1000s of virtual machines" mentioned - since removed. McCrory inferred that this meant that Salesforce was hosting a VMware's virtual machines.

Many observers have been speculating about such a move for some time: something like that, a sort of virtualisation as a service would be a perfect way to expand the take-up of the technology and the tie-up between Salesforce and VMware would be just the sort of vehicle to do this.