I raised a ticket with a client's support department recently, telling them that the printer in the office had jammed yet again.

Now, this machine jams roughly five times a day, and it's got to the stage where you're lucky to get an entire 20-page document through it without taking it apart.

Within 24 hours, the problem had been addressed and closed, with the detail of the action taken added to the ticket on the support log.

Unsurprisingly, the first time anyone tried to print, the paper jammed in exactly the same place as before.

Now, one of my roles is in software development. If a bug is reported, we fix it, test it, flag the issue as "fixed and unit tested", and send it back to the reporter. Only the reporter is permitted to actually close the issue - as one of our PMs puts it: "We're not allowed to mark our own homework".

Perhaps I'll suggest that concept to the guys in tech support ...