Following part 1 earlier this week, the roll of dishonour continues:

The Eddie Murphy/Melanie Brown Strange bedfellows award of the year: Novell and Microsoft, following their recent agreement.There is every sign that this will continue to be a rocky relationship, look out for it in 2007.

Minority language IT story of the year:Agored the bilingual version of Open Office, offering support to dual-language communities everywhere and proving that Welsh and IT can mix - ardderchog!

The "does the world need another handheld" award of the year: the distinctly underwhelming launch of Microsoft's Origami

The "Just when you thought you'd got a GUI standard ..." award of the year: MS Office 2007, whose GUI is so completely new and radical that it'll take everyone a fortnight to figure out where the hell all the options are.

The "why didn't we do that years ago?" award of the year: Apple, whose Intel-based Macs feel so much faster than their PowerPC ones

The "you've got me there" security headache of the year: the Cryzip Trojan that encrypts victim's data files (just about every format you can think of) and then demands a $300 ransom for the unlock key. And having sat on the PC for weeks before activating it affects backups too. Very nasty - and Russian too.

"Biggest threat to IT civilisation" of the year:.the PC laptop. They've been disappearing at an unprecedented rate with all sorts of secrets on them, and still people insist on putting important information on them.

"Most impressively elusive" application of the year: Skype 2.0/2.5, which totally re-engineered the way the software works. The developers clearly stayed up very late trying to make this one difficult for the Russian and Chinese governments to spot.

"Security non-product" of the year: Tumbleweed's FTP Analyzer. Fill in a form and get this amazing application for nothing. It hunts down open FTP ports. The catch? It stops working after a month, but the sales calls won't stop coming of course. You've been had, suckers!

And finally .... shrinking violets of the year – All Apple users who believe that Macs are beyond criticism
Any Techworld’s journalist in-box after we publish any "Apple isn’t perfect" story

Don't forget, if you have any contenders for our awards, post them in the comments box or send an email to [email protected], best one received by 31 December wins a magnum of champagne.

Happy Christmas and a successful 2007 to everyone.