It's the time of the year when we look back at the stories that have entertained, bemused and exasperated us over the past 12 months.

Techworld editors and contributors have come up with the ultimate Christmas list of the IT Events of the Year.

We publish part 1 today, with part 2 tomorrow: there'll be also be an opportunity to supply your own. Fill in the comments form at the bottom with your suggestions - the best one will receive a magnum of champagne...but don't forget to include your email address (email [email protected], if you don't want email address displayed in public)

Orwellian company of the year: Microsoft's Vista licence protection system that calls itself "Enhanced Reduced Functionality", which describes what happens to your PC if you don't validate within a month.

The Tomorrow’s World unlikely story of the year: 256GB’s worth of data storage … on a sheet of paper

Worst PR disaster of the year: Sony's burning batteries

Most divergence between ethics preaching and practice of the year: the HP management team's guide to business

The silliest storage product of the year: Overland's Ultamus protected primary storage array. It failed spectacularly with the acquired company's assets it was based on being written-off.

The Arsene Wenger "I didn’t see it" award of the year: Apple for its attitude to security scares

Bad Timing of the year: MS holding the Vista launch at the Emirates Stadium on the day that it was revealed that it had been contaminated with Polonium 210

Enhanced reduced value for money award of the year: Microsoft’s five levels of Vista pricing (what else?)

Most hyped technology of the year: 10Gig Ethernet over copper

New excuse of the year: "It's not ROHS-compliant"

"Your details are safe with us" award of the year: Chase Card services for dumping 2.6m customer records

More tomorrow ...