f you are associated with construction and development of any kind, chances are very good that you have had your share of headaches. From shipping and delivery delays, to fouled-up coordination between trades, to the classical separation of design intent and constructed reality.

When a datacentre is involved, these headaches can often lead to heart attacks for the stake holders during the operational phase. Reduce the headaches and you'll not only feel a lot better, you will set yourself up for operational success.

For our first datacentre deployment in Iceland, Verne Global has employed a regimen of more than just painkillers for reducing headaches at our site on the former NATO air base in Keflavik. We've gone modular. And thanks to that decision, in a matter of six days I've watched an empty floor change into a 500 square meter, proper datacentre with no headaches.

How so? We set ourselves up for success by selecting a company that is fanatical about its approach to its modular datacentre product. Colt Technology Services took our order, pulled out a set of quality controlled drawings, ordered the kit and went straight away into a covered factory to build our datacentre just like the dozens of units that they have put in their own facilities.

While Colt was focused on fabricating and packaging up our datacentre, our general contractors here in Iceland were working in an open warehouse, uninhibited, to make minor modifications to our existing buildings and prepare to connect Iceland's dual sourced 100% renewable power grid to the modular datacentre that was set to arrive in 3 months from the project kickoff. How's that for a massive reduction in headaches?

In fact, I've actually found myself with more time to work on another aspect of my job which is developing Verne Global’s business. And isn't that ultimately what we want our executive team to focus on? Spending less time icing headaches and more time bringing datacentre customers from around the world to experience the sights, smells and savings that Iceland has to offer.

Now the truth is - I do have a headache today. But this headache has nothing to do with that brand spanking new datacentre out on the floor - this headache is a result of some late night business development in bustling Reykjavik.

What's not to like? A modular solution that is proven to work, deployed in a rapid time scale, and me and my colleagues with time to hit the Reykjavik night life for some proper business development. So yes, I will have a bit of Aspirin today, but thanks to our datacentre solution, I'm not going to make a habit of it.