StorageTek Chairman CEO Pat Martin is joining Qwest Communications' board of directors. It's good that he has a job to go to already. There will be many more StorageTek people also leaving the company in the next few months as the Sun purchase of StorageTek sees duplicated offices, facilities and functions eliminated and headcount reduced.

As we see in the storage Insight and Inquisition sections, information about who does what is dribbling out as Mark Canepa, Sun's EVP networked storage products, does a round of interviews. Here's what we think we now know:-

- Pat Martin goes to Qwest Communications.
- StorageTek will be the Sun storage product brand. StorEdge will disappear.
- Canepa will run Sun's storage show.
- Nigel Dessau, relatively new to StorageTek - having joined this year as chief marketeer - will run the tape unit.
- Kathleen Holmgren, Sun's senior VP for networked storage will run the disk unit. Symmetry rules OK!
- Brenda Zawatski, StorageTek vice president and GM ILM will head up the ILM part.
- Jon Benson, StorageTek VP and GM automated tape solutions becomes VP StorageTek product development. Dessau in effect gets Benson's old job. Nice toy for the new boy.
- Fidelma Russo, Sun's VP engineering, becomes VP of network storage product development.
- Sun's priority with the merger will be exploiting revenue and cost synergies between Sun and StorageTek.
- Sun will look to cut cost. Sun has over 10 million square feet of facility space and StorageTek over 3 million. Some of it is going to be disposed of.
- There are fifteen integration teams working on joining Sun and StorageTek together.
- A StorageTek person is looking after office moves and closures.
- Sun is keeping seven of the top executive from StorageTek, including one for sales, one for services and three for products. (The other two are unknown.) The implication is that Sun hasn't wanted to keep the others.
- Disk product rationalisation will be discussed on September 1st.
- Sun will keep selling StorageTek tape products as long as customers want to buy them. It ain't sexy but it's vital, like water.
- The Sun and StorageTek sales force will be combined into one sales force with one set of quota rules, etc.

It emphasises Sun's control of disk strategy that a Sun exec runs the disk unit. It seems fair that a StorageTek exec runs the tape unit. But why Nigel Dessau? His background, according to StorageTek's leadership team blurb, includes no tape experience at all. He's spent twenty years in sales and marketing and 'executive management'. Jon Benson is StorageTek's tape man but he's moved upstairs. Sun passed over his direct reports and went for Dessau. It might not be a popular appointment. It might also indicate the relatively low priority that Sun is giving to tape products.

Which StorageTek execs are not on board?

According to StorageTek's website the following execs are in the 'Storagetek leadership team' but not in the list above:-

- Pierre Cousin, corporate VP R and D and engineering
- Angel Garcia, corporate VP International Operations
- Roger C. Gaston, corporate VP HR
- John Kitlen, internal audit director
- Robert S. Kocol, corporate VP and CFO
- Michael P. McGuire, VP and GM, North America Sales and Services
- Michael McLay, VP Global Accounts
- Roy Perry, corporate VP global supply chain
- Stephanie Pianka, Pat Martin's executive assistant

McGuire and McLay may stay because they are in sales and Sun needs StorageTek's sales force.

We might expect several hundred StorageTek employees be requested to walk the plank in the next few months. Some ten to twenty facilities could close. It's probably a very good time to be a StorageTek sales rep/sales manager, still terrific to be in StorageTek product development - less so in disk though, and potentially lousy to be employed anywhere else in StorageTek. Recruitment agencies can expect floods of newly polished CVs to hit their desks soon.