With the winter solstice come and gone, Iceland’s dark winter nights are slowly changing, rising toward a solar alignment with the rest of the world at the vernal equinox.

In Keflavík between Iceland’s award winning airport and the Reykjavík city centre, Verne Global’s zero-emissions datacentre is methodically setting the foundation to rise up and meet the business needs of our customers in 2012 and beyond.

That foundation was set at the end of last year with the completion of the first large scale, internationally focused datacentre in Iceland - a modular datacentre solution provided by the Colt DataCentre Services team. We worked with the Colt team on a design that will meet the expectations of datacentre connoisseurs from the sunny state of California to the financial markets of London and beyond to mainland Europe, the Middle East, and the Pac Rim.

Our datacentre product was selected and delivered with options such as gaseous fire suppression, fully redundant uninterruptible power supplies, and laser particulate detection that monitors the air stream for our 100% free-air cooled datacentre. With a build up of identical power and cooling modules, our datacentre managers can focus on operations that are simple, efficient, and effective. Our focus is in a word: industry.

Iceland is well established as an industrially focused business community, energised by creative thought. International reviews showcase the creations of the clothing designers that tickle the fancy of Lady Gaga, the unique artists that convert the rocks and surrounding landscapes into stark and compelling works, and the raging music scene heard the world over.

But even at the core of this independent and inspired work, the climate and history of Iceland has driven its people toward the pure essence of industry. The fruits of that enterprise can be found in simple things like the locally manufactured rock wool that maintains the comforting environmentals created by natural geothermal heating and the locally sourced concrete with aggregate created from the black sands of the volcanic beaches that line the southern coasts.

Over the last half century, this essence of industry has been embraced by international businesses, which succeeded with local Icelandic interest in bringing forth a thriving hub of aluminium smelting. Industrial development, coupled with decades of influence from NATO and the United States Navy, have created within Iceland a class of industrial operators that are well-trained, well-schooled, and who understand the benefits of procedure and execution. We think we have picked top performers for our 24x7 operations force.

Backed by low cost, renewable power sources, a free cooling environment, and the people to create success, Verne Global and Iceland’s datacentre community are set to perform on the international stage. It is still noticeably winter on the western coasts of Iceland, but the sun is getting stronger every day.