There's been much talk about whether Skype is going to make it as a business application. There are many factors against it: the fact the technology is built on a proprietary protocol and the presence of some othe big players eyeing up the VoIP market.

However, you have to hand it Skype. Its recent deal with has shown that it can have a presence in the business world. As salesforce chairman and CEO Marc Benioff, put it "The power of joining two disruptive computing forces, such as Internet calling and on-demand software, creates entirely new opportunities for businesses worldwide. In addition to integrated voice calls, the Skype presence feature gives the community the ability to call their contacts and colleagues knowing they are available, increasing productivity and fostering streamlined communication."

Certainly the knowledge that a call might not be wasted is a bonus, how many unhappy hours are wasted playing telephone tag - but how galling would it be for an executive to know that the person he is calling is actually there but just not taking his call?