Mobility, mobility, mobility - as Tony Blair might have said. Mobility,that's the name of the game when it comes in the enterprise these days and that's clearly a big driver for the SAP acquistion of Sybase.

It certainly wasn't about boosting the SAP share price - it showed a slight fall as news of the deal seeped out - and it's not been about boosting SAP's presence in the cloud computing arena; SAP has been criticised for its scattergun approach to the topic, with some commentators claiming that it was this lack of focus that led to the dismissal of former CEO, Leo Apotheker.

And it's certainly not because of Sybase's strength in the database market - the company has about 3 to 4 percent of market share, no more than an irritating flea bite to SAP's bitter rival, Oracle. The companies' fierce competition, which has spilled over the law courts in the past couple of years and is set to come to a head this autumn.

Howver, Sybase's mobile database, SQLAnywhere is a definite attraction to SAP. That's one technology that does offer a difference to the offerings from Oracle whether that's going to be enough, only time will tell.