I was most amused to see that Apple has released a beta version of Safari for Windows.

I'm predominantly a Windows user, but I have a Mac as well. And I gave up using Safari on the Mac when, for the umpteenth time, I found it wouldn't render pages properly. Like the AA's Web site that has an AutoRoute-style route-finder on it. Safari wouldn't do it properly, Internet Explorer's been dropped on the Mac, so I tried Firefox. And I've not gone back.

On Windows I had a similar problem. When I finally got hacked off with IE7 crashing, I switched to Firefox. And I've not gone back.

Why, then, when we have such a brilliant browser as Firefox, which is available on a decent range of platforms, would anyone bother producing a new browser. Okay, Safari for Windows isn't a new product as such, but is a port of a Mac package, but it must still have had a significant time and effort cost.

If Firefox didn't exist, I'd be applauding Apple for producing something I could use instead of IE. But as Firefox is with us, and it's stable, and it's fab to use, I really, really, can't help wondering why they've bothered. Perhaps their next step will be to make a new search engine to compete with Google.