There's English, American English, Tech jargon and now Oraclespeak, a whole new category in itself. How about this for starters?

"Oracle WebCenter Suite will improve information worker productivity by delivering a unified, context-aware user experience that integrates a full set of enterprise services. It delivers a unified environment that provides user access to business applications, structured and un-structured content, business intelligence, enterprise search, business processes, and communication and collaboration services. Oracle WebCenter Suite will provide the first user interaction environment that breaks down the boundaries between web-based portals, enterprise applications, and Web 2.0 technologies to enable the rapid creation of flexible, context-sensitive work processes".

Perhaps there are people who speak like this? Who knows, perhaps Oracle employees don't have water-cooler conversations but have on-going hydratic interactions. Or perhaps Oracle have simply given up trying to explain what they do in English and hope that the avalanche of meaningless jargon will simply overwhelm its customers.