Reldata supplies unified block and file storage. One of its products was reviewed and recommended here.

There are two appointments: David Hubbard as president and CEO and Jeff Helthall as VP for sales.

David Hubbard joined Reldata as its COO just a few months ago, in February 2007. He has had a 25-year career including senior executive roles at industry-leading storage vendors such as QLogic, Inrange/Computerm, Computer Network Technology and Digital Equipment Corporation. Hubbard assumes full executive leadership of the company, reporting directly to Reldata’s board of directors.

Jeff Helthall brings a 20-year career to Reldata, including VP Sales and Marketing of Tacit Networks (WAN file storage software) and VP Sales and Marketing of CrosStor Software (NAS and SAN software solutions). Previously, he held sales roles at Netpower, Verbex and Convergent Technologies. Helthall will be responsible for worldwide sales and field marketing, including OEM and VAR channel development, and will report directly to Hubbard.

Here is his quote: "Datacentre managers are feeling the pain of rapid storage growth. Reldata has a real all-in-one solution that solves that problem,” said Helthall. “I’m very impressed with Reldata’s product offering and thrilled to join the company.”

And here is Hubbard's: "Reldata delivers a dramatic reduction in storage operational costs for datacentre managers. We are a leader in the unified storage market and I’m excited about taking the company to the next level. I’m also happy to have Jeff on the executive team. His deep understanding of the storage market, and experience in emerging storage vendors, will further help us accelerate Reldata's growth.”

The word is that Boris Anderer and the other investors on the board of directors were impressed by Hubbard's contributions as COO. They all decided that someone with his experience and credentials, and resident at their company's headquarters in New Jersey, would further accelerate the company to the next level. Boris (who lives in Germany) remains a significant, active investor in Reldata. The existing investors continue to fund Reldata.

In other words Reldata becomes a New Jersey-based company, admittedly with a Germany-based chairman of the board, but now much quicker to respond to day-to-day events, I suspect, and free to develop its engineering and marketing strategies.

It has, to some extent, been passed by newer companies riding the iSCSI train, such as EqualLogic and Left Hand Networks, by file-based suppliers such as Acopia and Isilon, and also by Pillar Data. There is no data de-duplication strategy, no VTL and no thin-provisioning. It needs a shot in the arm.