Despite the amount of hot air and column inches devoted to the World Cup, football should be taking a back seat to science according to an EU survey

Seventy percent of the public are more interested in science than sport and they want governments to put their hands in the pocket and start funding the boffins. It may seem,. from a cursory reading of the popular press that the reverse is true - but it seems we love our men and women in white coats. What's heartening too is to read that many of the survey's respondents are in favour of closer European co-operation - it's probably essential that Europe acts as a powerhouse rather than rely on individual countries.

Having said that, It would be great if the new government could take note. All the talk so far has been of cutting government funding (read investment) and yet here's one area that could make sound financial sense. If ministers are worried that pumping money into research would be unpopular here's the proof that it wouldn't be.