Oh, how things change.

The news that a Mozilla executive is exhorting computer users to adopt Microsoft's Bing search engine instead of Google would have caused hurricanes a few years ago. At the height of the DoJ anttrust action against Microsoft and subsequent case in the European Union, Microsoft was set up as the pantomime villain. It seems especially strange that is open source adherent Mozilla who has adopted this line. Quite honestly, if the answer is Microsoft, then it must have been a bloody stupid question.

There's nothing to suggest that Microsoft has radically changed - only this week, the company was forced to post code under the GPL general licence after it had previously been fingered passing open source code as its own - but Google certainly has. CEO Eric Schmidt's attitude to privacy is certainly not one that most people would be comfortable with.<

Only this week, I blogged on Google's flippant attitude to privacy when it came to its DNS product, now it seems that the question of privacy is going to haunt other parts of the business too. Whether that means that we should dump Google in favour of Bing is an interesting question - Google is still by far the best search engine going and it seems a step too far to dump it - but it's certainly made me less likely to use other aspects of Google.

As more and more of a life is lived on-line, such questions are not going to be trivial. Most of us are now pretty sussed about providing too much private information for hackers to get hold of - perhaps we should start getting more concerned about the people who provide our software.