Dr. Oron Zachar, founder of Polarizonics Corp (PL), has developed a method of potentially increasing the data storage capacity and read rate of both red and blue laser DVDs by up to three times, a process described as Polar High-definition DVD (PH-DVD) Technology. This technology exploits the polarization element contained in all current DVD formats which is not being used for the physical encoding of the information on the disc. Polar High-definition will significantly increase both the speed and capacity of DVDs. Applications have been made for patents in respect of this technology.

The PH-DVD format can be applied as a modification to increase the data read rate and capacity of any of the competing blue laser formats (such as Sony Blu-Ray and Toshiba HD-DVD). Moreover, the Polarizonics Technology may provide for a red-laser capability to support HD content. Thus, with the potential for over 100GB discs, this innovation is of particular importance for satisfying the coming demands of increased disc capacity of HD video content of movies and video games. Importantly Polarizonics Technology requires no change in the disc structure itself, and present mass replication equipment can be used without modification or additional costs. Hence, PT can be brought to market within a very short time scale. The PH-DVD format also introduces a new hardware level suppression of the possibility of unlicensed replication piracy.

A venture capital company, Brainspark, has invested in Polarzonics and its Polar High-definition DVD technology

Francesco Gardin, Brainspark chairman, said:: "We believe that Polarizonics Technology, developed by leading scientists, could have a significant impact on the development of high definition DVDs. Nevertheless, the Board is aware that this is a high-risk investment given the highly competitive nature of this market."

You bet!