Overland has a new tier one OEM for its tape products. This was announced on the day ADIC threw in the takeover towel. How poetic! How sweet! Now in a wondrous twist it appears that the tier one OEM might be Dell, a great replacement for the lost HP, and even sweeter, it might involve ADIC losing its existing contract with Dell. The new contract is likely to be for Overland's new, low-cost tape appliance.

Apparently there has been an unofficial competition at Overland Storage to suggest meanings for a four-letter acronym. Some of the entries I have had a look at include these three:-

- A desultory intended courtship?
- Approval denied, intercourse cancelled.
- Annoying detour into carelessness.

Ho, ho, ho. The whole train of events gets you thinking of a script for a TV business show, so unlikely is this happening in real life. Chris Calisi must be smelling the scent of vindication. And who can blame him if he has a wide, wide smile on his face?