Setting up monitoring for operating systems in Opsview is really simple. Pre-configured host templates for all the main operating systems are included out-of-the-box, meaning you can set-up key service checks for your systems quickly and easily.

Here's how...

1. In Opsview go to CONFIGURATION > HOSTS

2. Select the host you wish to apply the Operating System monitoring template to. In this example our host is our 'ov' server:


3. Scroll to the bottom of the configuration options and select which templates you wish to apply to your host. For example UNIX templates:


...or for windows monitoring:


4. Select which service checks you wish to perform on your operating system. Opsview's Operating System templates include standard check for things like disk drive utilzation, CPU utilzation, critcial events, UNIX load average, e.g for Windows:


or for UNIX:


5.  Hit ‘submit’. After you reload Opsview, your new Operating System configuration template will be implemented within your host configuration and the selected  service checks will be running on your hosts. Simple!

For more information on creating your own service checks take a look at our website monitoring blog.